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Charming Tweety Bird Plush Stuffed Animal
Vintage 1971 collectible Warner Brothers  Looney Tunes toy
Authentic licensed product manufactured by Mighty Star
14" from head-top to toes
Medium pile yellow plush body
Orange short pile fabric feet
Firmly stuffed
Felt facial features
Tush tags
Minimal indications of use.  No worn plush, no marks, stain, or odor
Clean and fresh from a smoke-free environment



About Warner Brothers: 
Warner Brothers (Warner Bros or WB) is an American entertainment company founded in 1923. Now Warner Media, it is to among the top five film studios in the United States.
Warner Bros. Cartoons and Warner Bros. Animation created cartoon characters in the 1930s with a character named Bosko in under the Looney Tunes division of the company. From there came Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Bugs Bunny.  Today, following on the wings on their Harry Potter film series, as Time -Warner under AT & T they race neck-to-neck with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pitcures and Universal  Studios.  A change in leadership and direction in March 2019 will tell how the company fares by its centennial birthday.


About Tweety: 
Tweety Bird is an animated fictional yellow canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons.
Tweety has a love/hate relationship with a black and white cat named Sylvester who has a hate/hate relationship with Tweety.  
Tweedy outsmarts Sylvester's attempts to make himself a yellow bird sandwich,  but Sylvester's pride raises him from defeat to try again.  "Born" in 1941, Tweety was a fairly aggressive character until she was redesigned in 1943 with more of a baby bird shape and personality.   
In 1998, the United States Post Office honored Tweety and Sylvester with a 32-cent postage stamp. 
Tweety has been a beloved film star and WB icon for almost 80 years.  


About Mighty Star: 
Mighty Star Industries was a popular manufacturer of licensed products from 1960 until it sold its patterns and licenses in 1990


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Tweety Bird Stuffed Plush Animal 14" Yellow Looney Tunes Cartoon Toy Vintage 1971 Mighty Star Collectible Warner Brothers Icon Free Shipping

Tweety Bird Stuffed Plush Animal 14" Yellow Looney Tunes Cartoon Toy 1971

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