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Beautiful wooden tray, tea serving tray, decorative lacquerware
Large hand painted bamboo botanical theme surface
The bamboo stems are embellished with tiny pieces of multi-color shell. A pretty enhancement. 
Gold painted tray - intended to appear antiqued and weathered
19" x 12" x 1"
Eight-sided tray with three finger handles and 45-degree angle 1 1/4" rim
Back of tray is painted black with a light lacquer layer
Vintage early 1970's Asian home decor made in Japan. 
I believe these were made by Otagirl, but have not been able to verify my reasoning. Yet.

I have three (3) of these trays, each with the same design and each with some indications and various degrees of age and use. 
As shown in photo #2, the tray against the wall is in better condition than the other. 
The one laying on the table has the most visible wear of the four. 
They are what they are; a bit Asian rustic, a bit cottage shabby and, each with many more years of decorative and functional use. 

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Serving Tray 19" Lacquerware Wooden Tea Tray Hand Painted Bamboo Vintage 1970's Asian Home Decor Free Shipping

Lacquerware Tea Serving Tray 19" Vintage Asian Gold Bamboo Home Decor