Beautiful Indiana Glass Divided Dish

Antique 1930s Depression Glass Tableware
Clear pressed glass in Killarney pattern* (see note below)
Open tab handle divided dish
7 1/2" diameter x 1 1/2" h, this divided dish is perfectly sized for candy, nuts, condiment and so on. 
The lovely four-footed dish with orange blossom design; art deco flowers, fleur de lis, teardrops, swirls, and sawtooth edge.
Exquisite for use or display with many home entertaining uses and creative re-purposes



Purchased at an estate sale in Bel Air, California, this beautiful glass lived many years in the neighborhood on movie stars.  The time period of its origin, as well as its ornate Art Deco design, and its strikingly clear glass screams of the elite, sophisticated, and glamorous lifestyle of the Golden Age of Hollywood.



Indiana Glass issued their Killarney* pattern in the 1930s with the softened saw tooth and rounded scalloped design, as seen in this dish.  In the 1960's they re-issued the pattern with a complete rounded edge, no saw tooth scallops. This older and much more detailed dish represents the original Killarney design.  This is a rare treasure,  much harder to find than the more common reissue.


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Indiana Glass Bowl Killarney Design Divided Dish Pressed Glass Serving Tray Candy Nut Relish Tray Ornate Scalloped Vintage 1930's Art Deco

Divided Serving Dish Vintage 1930s Indiana Glass Bowl Killarney Pattern Tray

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