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To me, they will never be Santa Clara Niners 

Isn't it Romantic?

OurValentine's Day Favorites

As a wife, mother,

grandmother, crafter,

businesswoman, home chef, collector, traveler, and decorator, my love of beautiful things is second to my love of my family, my greatest treasures.

Beautiful objects, crafted or manufactured, vintage or antique, perfect or flawed, delight me.  My joy is enhanced when a treasure I have obtained and put to good use, or a lovely silver platter, or piece of vintage jewelry,  I have found just for this store finds a new home.  I am again delighted when a new family uses the treasure to create their own precious moments and memories.


Should our next road trip be

shopping for Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency Decor in Palm Springs, California on

February 13, 2020 ?


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When it comes to Modern design, Palm Springs is one of The Most Stylish Cities in America

 Based on their per capita statistics for Modern-style furnishings sales, Palm Springs easily beat out every other stylish U.S. city - including Beverly Hills and Miami. 

Palm Springs is home to the world’s largest collection of intact Midcentury Modernist architecture. The city remains at the forefront of Modern’s newfound worldwide renaissance, exponentially cultivated during eleven days of Mod-madness each February known as Palm Springs Modernism Week.


My Life as a Party Animal

While I've heard grumblings from other canines that their December birthdays are frequently overlooked, combined with other events, or delayed, mine was timely, exclusive and spectacular.

I turned one year old on December 15th. It was more than a day of celebration, it was a week full, and then some.

Let me back up to early November when I first learned what a party is. 

My and David's friend, Gabe, had a month's leave from Okinawa, Japan, where he serves in the US Air Force.  He spent many of his days using our home as his vacay base. There was never a dull moment with many friends coming over to see him. 

One afternoon I knew something different was happening. The guys cleaned my backyard.  They set up outside chairs, made a fire pit, prepared the grill, filled ice chests, and tested the volume on the sound system. 


As people arrived, I greeted them enthusiastically and offered to let them scratch my belly.  When someone came with food, I led them where we were serving, hoping they would put their pot-luck contribution somewhat close to the edge of the table so all could reach.  I made friends by licking up spills that occurred while they ate ribs, carne asada, and nachos.  

I joined the dancing, showing off my tail-chasing spin and jump moves to the delight of the partygoers. 

I went to bed at 3 a.m. delighted with my new reputation as

"THE Party Animal". 

The next day I felt utterly exhausted as if I had chased my tail for miles and days.  


All I wanted was water.  Sleep. And belly rubs.

The following week was Thanksgiving.  The perfect way to wake a dog from her afternoon nap is with the smell of a roasting turkey and a house full of guests. I learned that it is our tradition to play raucous rounds of the game Tripoley after dinner. As I made my way around the room, pretending to search for crumbs, I peeked at the cards, trying to see who held the ace of hearts.   Then, there was pie.  Pie and whipped cream.  Whipped cream, oh my.

So, when my birthday arrived three weeks later, I was ready.  I wore an "It's My Birthday" scarf around my neck.  It was my usual grooming Friday, so Mom took treats for me to share with my dog friends at the salon. Dad grilled rib-eye steaks so I could feas ton my favorite type of bone.

I received two new chew toys; a brown duck and a white cow, both with my favorite toy feature, squeakers.  

Well, the white cow used to have squeakers.  What can I say? I  am curious and have very sharp Australian Shepherd teeth. 

Christmas, by comparison, was rather quiet, even with two more new squeaker toys I pulled out of a red and gold stocking.  Each family member had tasks to complete before the grandchildren arrived on the following day.


The granddaughters, Meli, and Emi, are treated like royalty when they visit.  I was on my best behavior so that I could get the royal treatment by association. 


I did!   We spent more time at my Dog Park than their kid park.  

The party crowd from November returned for a New Year's Eve party.  This time I knew the routine, so I paced myself and did not wear out so thoroughly.  I was well recovered when all work and school routines resumed on January 6th.

Now, during the day, it is just me and mom.  We continue daily to study the Italian language together.  She is preparing for her trip to Italy in the fall. I am hoping to nap enough during 'class'  that I keep my ranking as, "The only dog in the desert Southwest who can disobey in both English and Italian."

Happy New Year, 


Here's How Heavy We're Sweatin' It 

in Yuma, Arizona Today