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As a wife, mother,

grandmother, crafter,

businesswoman, home chef, collector, traveler, and decorator, my love of beautiful things is second to my love of my family, my greatest treasures.

Beautiful objects, crafted or manufactured, vintage or antique, perfect or flawed, delight me.  My joy is enhanced when a treasure I have obtained and put to good use, or a lovely silver platter, or piece of vintage jewelry,  I have found just for this store finds a new home.  I am again delighted when a new family uses the treasure to create their own precious moments and memories.


Here's How Heavy We're Sweatin' It 

in Yuma, Arizona Today

Should our next road trip be

​to The Del Mar Antique

Show & Sale

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

in Del Mar, California? 

Give this Road Trip

Destination  1 - 5 Hearts

Vintage Road Trippin'

with The Springs 

For 58 years The Del Mar Antique Show has been proud to present thousands of square feet of antiques, vintage collectibles and decorator items (Over 100 premier antique dealers from all over California and the Western United States).

These exhibitors will be selling the finest in antiques and collectibles including all types of glass, pottery, paper ephemera, crystal, jewelry, art, silver, Americana, primitives, American and European furniture, vintage collectibles and decorator items, and much more … in short, everything from tin to Tiffany!!!!


Meet me in the June Newsletter.  I wrote it!

I am 10 months old already!  It hasn't taken me long to become an excellent pet.  It has taken 'them' this entire time to be adequate pet owners,   I still have a lot of work to do with them.

Mom is getting better about getting me back in the house when I escape out the front door.  She just doesn't have down yet the ability to squeeze her ample sized body through the 6" gap between the door and doorframe that I fit through.  So, I make sure I get out at least once a day so she gets some  excersice.

It is a busy life for me every day.  There are so many potential threats I must alert the family to.  I notify them about ants walking in the driveway, birds flying over our house, EVERY vehicle that drives down the street. At the end of the day, it is a wonder I have any bark left.  I do though and use it to alert the sleeping family members that one of our own is in the kitchen getting a snack. It is a 24-hour-a-day job. 

Now that the temperature at our desert home is not scorching, I spend much more time digging in the backyard.  When Dad sees the holes I've dug he is so proud of me.  At every hole, he stops for a good look and says, "Geeze, Bella, could you dig any deeper?"  So, there's cheese buried there?  I'll dig deeper for some Formaggio Mozzarella.